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Edmond, Thomas, & Patrick Coady - 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee

Edmond “Ed” Hoffman Coady was an American football player and a starting quarterback for the University of Notre Dame, holding the distinction of having presided over the first two wins in Notre Dame football history.

Following the first three games ever played by the Fighting Irish, quarterback Joe Cusack moved to left halfback in 1888, and Ed Coady assumed the position. His first start would also be the first victory for the program—a 20–0 win over Harvard Prep Chicago, who had previously been deemed champions of the state of Illinois. By virtue of their win, Notre Dame declared themselves champions of both Illinois and Indiana.

In 1889, Coady's team played their first true away game at Northwestern and won 9–0. During the game, Coady performed what was likely the team's first play-action fake: He simulated a handoff to end Steve Fleming, and hid the ball as he ran into the endzone for a touchdown. Sadley, Ed died in South Bend the following spring.

Ed was one of three Coady brothers to play for Notre Dame. His brother Tom Coady was the backup quarterback in 1888, and then Pat Coady would succeed his brothers as the starting quarterback in 1892.

Patrick Hoffman Coady was an American football player and a starting quarterback for the University of Notre Dame.

Unable to sustain the momentum built up by the team's two first-ever victories in 1888–89, the Notre Dame football program took a two-year hiatus from 1890 to 1891. Pat Coady, the younger brother of Irish quarterback alums Tom and Ed Coady, was instrumental in reviving the program in 1892, recruiting a completely new squad of players, and becoming the de facto team captain.

The new team played two games in the 1892 season where they destroyed South Bend High School 56–0, and then rallied from a 4–6 halftime deficit to tie Hillsdale College at 10–all.

Following graduation, Coady settled in Paris, Illinois where he married Helen Hennessy on September 2, 1902. They would later relocate to Los Angeles, California where Pat would open a law practice.

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