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1955 Undefeated, Untied Pana High School Football Team - 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

1955 Undefeated, Untied Pana High School Football Team

Row 1: Larry Fehrenbacher, Roger Metzger, Jerry Bland, Jim Willson, Bill Palmer, Merrill Bland, Ron Miles, Joe Rahill, Jack Epley

Row 2: Bob Anderson, Bill Stocker, Frank Gross, Bill Hatfield, Jim Beveridge, Jerry Klein, Norman Halleman, Jake Wolf, Gary Akers, Don Clucas

Row 3: Jim Romager, Jim Bruns, Mike Anderson, Tom Gunnigle, P.D. Lees, Ron Crawford, Dick Sphar, Don Kroski, Roger Long, Phil Siegert, Butch Posteher, John Wehmhoff, Tom Thornton.

Not pictured are Coach Charlie Fatchett, and equipment manager, Dedrich Schumacher.

The 1955 Pana High School boys football team stands alone as being the only undefeated and untied football team in Pana High School history. This record has stood for 67 years. It has been challenged over time, but no team has been able to duplicate the feat. In 1955, playoff football did not exist. However, the talent of the 1955 team speaks for itself. There were several players on this team that did go on, or could have gone on, to play football at the next level.

The 1955 team scored an average of 23.11 (208 total points) points per game while allowing 5.11 points per game (46 total points) on defense. Teams that the 1955 team played that year included Benld, Kincaid, Litchfield, Decatur St. Theresa, Hillsboro, Shelbyville, Springfield Cathedral, Taylorville, and Vandalia

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